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We present ourselves humbled on the response of our clients who have rated us number one among the tourism agencies of the entire world owing to the quality of service we have tried to provide them with and all this is due to the hard work of our dedicated team.

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Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies throughout the entire world. Mother Nature has blessed some countries with such beauty as is unprecedented and Turkey is one of these countries. The greatest advantage of choosing Turkey as a tour destination is that you can enjoy a blend of European and Asian culture, heritage and architecture. In the Turkish region, you can enjoy everything from sunny beaches to mountains and more. The problem with visiting Turkey as a tourist destination had been that the tourists had to arrange all the facilities like hotels, transportation and other things individually. Back in those days, tourism was more of a headache than an enjoyable experience, while still on a vacation; you had to arrange everything for yourself.

The need of a concise Travel Agency in Turkey was long being felt to facilitate the worthy tourists. Though there were a number of local tours Operators in Turkey, there was no centralized tour company to cover whole country. In 2012 we started this setup named Haqqi Tours to provide all the tourism services to the people coming to visit Turkey and has been on the top of the list of Turkish tour operators. We provide all the services starting from hotels, transportation, air travel and recreational activities.

We present ourselves humbled on the response of our clients who have rated us number one among the tourism agencies of the entire world owing to the quality of service we have tried to provide them with and all this is due to the hard work of our dedicated team.

Hospitality is an integral part of the Turkish culture and we do not take tourism as a mere business. This is more like a sacred tradition for us to entertain the people coming to our country in the best way possible. All our efforts packages and whatsoever we may do in this respect are from our fullest heart and we try to make the tourists as happy as we possibly can. Yes! We do it for money but that is not the main goal. The main goal of this business is to show people how great the Turkish region is and make the time of our guests the most enjoyable in Turkey. This is what makes us stand apart among the best Turkey tour operators.

We are proud to be the only Istanbul Travel Agency providing the tourists with all the needs under one roof. When on a vacation, away from home, all you need is to relax having no tension of the arrangements of the tour and we understand this thing very well. We make all the arrangements for you providing you packages ranging from day tours to fortnight and month long visits.

No place in the entire Turkey is out of our coverage we are proud to be the only real outbound tour operators in Turkey. We provide our services from the busy markets of Istanbul to the calm beaches of Antalya, Analya and Bodrum, offering you the perks of tourism like site seeing and diving and snorkeling in the calm waters of Turkish beaches.

Some of the services we provide to the clients as a Turkish Travel Agency are

We provide the guests with the guides which take them to the places in Turkey worth seeing and they guide the guests to help them enjoy their tour at maximum level.

When in turkey, most probably you don’t have your own vehicle and hiring a taxi or other vehicle on your own may not be a good option as the private taxi drivers can overcharge you taking advantage of your limited knowledge about the local rate and distances. Some Local Tour Operators in Turkey also overcharge. We provide transportation services for individuals as well as groups in forms of taxi coaster vans or any other thing that might be appropriate.

Turkey is the host to a number of recreational activities and visiting turkey is never complete without indulging in them. We’ll help you take the most out of them may it be hiking, site seeing or diving.

You need to live at the best place possible to enjoy the tour at its peak. Haqqi Tours helps you to get the best hotels within your range

No tour is complete without trying the local cuisine. We will guide you where here to get the best food in every city of Turkey and what are the specialties of each area.

Being Outbound tour operators in Turkey, we cover the areas not covered by other tour services provides.
No job can be completed without a proper tam of trained and experienced individuals. We have hired the team of the best people of the field from the entire Turkey. We have representatives in every city of the country to help our valued clients at each level. You can have a detailed look on the options of tours we are offering in the Tours page of this site but the most popular of our deals are

Istanbul Tours

The city of Istanbul has witnessed the glory of a number of dynasties and welcomes you to see the living examples of European and Islamic architecture. Come and see for yourself how great the city is. We offer tours ranging from a day to a month and facilitate our guests fully with the best hotels, experienced tour guides and comfortable and affordable transportation. While visiting Istanbul with us you will realize that you are with the best turkey tour operators.

Bodrum Excursions

Bodrum offers a natural environment with a lot to do in the vast and welcoming arms of Mother Nature. You can do anything from diving to site seeing and just relaxing on the calm sunny beaches. Come and just enjoy your presence here. Leave the rest to us we are here to arrange everything for you’re here.

Apart from these we also offer tours in the following cities

Last but not the least; we tend to cater all the people from wealthy Tycoons to the guests who have to save money to visit turkey. The packages are designed to cater the needs of every category.

For detailed information on the tours, you can visit the tours page of this site. If you have any queries relating to any of our services, pricings or any other details feel free to contact us as we’ll be more than happy to address all your questions. Remember, it takes something different to make it to the top of the list of Turkish tour operators and that’s what our clients say not what we claim.

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