Fethiye Market Ghost Town Kayakoy Tour

Adult: $50 - Child: $30 - Pickup: 09:00 - Ends: 17:00 - Transportation from / to hotel / Lunch Included

Overview of Fethiye Market Ghost Town

Fethiye market day is every Tuesday of the week. It rages among the biggest in Turkey and is famous for most commonly used household goods. These include; handbags, shoes, carpets, vegetables, and fruits among much more. Throughout this day, customers are able to access locally produced goods at bargain able prices. For many residents and even tourists, Fethiye market offers them an opportunity to shop for food that can last until the next market day. This is advantageous since customers are able to get them at cheaper prices, due to an influx of farm produce.


  • If you are visiting Fethiye market for the first time, enjoy the fact that you will be picked from the hotel and taken to the market.
  • Prepare yourself to explore and indulge in the luscious fresh farm produce.
  • For the lovers of organic fruits, vegetables, and spices, this is your chance to indulge yourself as you discover the results of the hardworking farmers of Fethiye.
  • Explore the market and get a chance to own cheap stuff. Clothes, utensils, souvenirs name them.
  • Fethiye market is an all-inclusive market with everything under one roof.

What to expect

Of course, here you will shop until; you drop. The advantage of shopping during the Fethiye market day is that you will get to enjoy cheap goods. With the very little money, you are able to buy lots of stuff. And, though some people would think that cheap stuff is not presentable, at Fethiye market you can get very presentable goods at a very unbelievably cheap price.

After shopping, you and your group are able to explore further the ghost town of Kayakoy.This town is situated 8km South of Fethiye. The ancient town has been preserved as a museum and is also known as Levissi. It is believed that the ghost town was built somewhere in the 18th century. Kayakoy town was once full of life, with the Greek and Turks having integrated and living happily peacefully. What destroyed this village was an earthquake. Following disagreements that led to the deportation of Christians from Kayakoy, the village became abandoned and lonely. It was later converted into a museum where travelers from all over the world go to experience an imagination of what a great city it was before destruction.

When visiting the ghost town for the first time, holidays makers are advised to make prior efforts to research the history of this town. Only then will they be able to appreciate the almost invisible nature.

So popular is the Fethiye market day that it is included in the things to do while in Fethiye. Tourists have the chance to enjoy transport from their hotel and lunch. Because there is a lot to see, it is recommended that tourists take with good cameras, sunglasses to protect their eyes from the scorching sun; this is more especially if they are visiting during the summer time. The Fethiye market tour lasts for seven and a half hours from pickup time which is 0930hrs. With so much time in your hands, and so many goods in front of your eyes, there is only one thing remaining, and that is money. Make sure to carry enough money to cover your expenses plus to indulge in sampling the drinks and foods which are readily available at the Fethiye market.

The people of Fethiye are hospitable enough. They are ready to assist tourists and show them around. They help you explore as well as discover the things they already have at their disposal, probably things that you wouldn’t have known or seen without their assistance.

When you are done with exploring the ghost town museum, you head to the beach and relax in the calm warm waters and wash away your fatigue. It is a refreshingly relaxing feeling indeed. It is important to note that the ghost town is well guarded to preserve what has come to be appreciated as its culture. Yes, this abandoned town pulls tourists from all over the globe in their quest for discovery and learning something new. What led to the formation of the ghost town is a sad story, but, that sad story has been a blessing in disguise to the people of turkey. Revenue is generated from the many tourists who flock the country every year.

Fethiye market is an open air market that receives thousands of visitors, both residents, and nonresidents from all over the world. During the market day, many business people make a fortune and especially those in the transport business. They transport people to and from the Fethiye market the whole day. Tourists are provided with a guide who takes them around making sure they explore everything there is to see during the market. For lovers of travel collections, The market is the right stop to shop for what you need and more. There is a variety of souvenirs to choose from. The advantage is you have the privilege of bargaining their prices downwards if you feel that they are a little bit too deer. Of course, no one likes paying an extra cent for goods when they can have an opportunity to bargain the price downwards.

If you are new at the Fethiye market,you need not worry about finding where the market is located. It is situated right behind the Municipal council building. If you have no tour guide, make a point of utilizing the kindness of the people of Fethiye. They will be more than willing to assist you in anything that you might need. Fethiye has evolved with time. Technological advances have seen this town transform from a small town into a bubbly town and it is still growing.

One thing that stands out to every holiday maker visiting the Fethiye market for the first time is their mouth-watering delicious food. Their pancakes remain among the list of most talked about snacks by tourists. Their food stalls also stand out in terms of hygiene and quality food. They offer great service and fresh food right from the farm. Their food is well spiced and leaves you with unforgettable memories.


If you have not visited Fethiye market, perhaps you need to include it in your next destinations to visit. Start researching about the best tour companies offering affordable travel prices. You are assured of a lifetime experience once you visit Fethiye, and most especially the Fethiye market. While here, remember the people of Fethiye are kind enough and accommodating.

You will not regret your visit. The market will give you an opportunity to own exceptionally cheap stuff. Your trip will be worth every penny you spend. You could stare at the breathtaking beauty of the mountains on your way to the Fethiye market. Do not forget to carry a good camera. With this, you are assured of lifetime memories. You will have stories to narrate to your grandchildren. They will marvel at the beauty of the Fethiye town in Turkey, as they wonder how soon they can catch the next available flight to the Fethiye market before the day concludes. While here never forget to visit the blue lagoon. This site has seen visitors in their numbers, and movies have been shot about it.


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