12 Island Fethiye Boat Trip

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When it comes to visiting Turkey and seeing all that the Mediterranean has to offer, taking a Fethiye boat trip is an absolute must. The waters of Fethiye are something that cannot truly be experienced from shore, and must be best seen from a boat. With so many gorgeous areas of Fethiye to explore, there are a number of boat trips available that ensure you see everything.

Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is a small village in Turkey that is surrounded by gorgeous nature and a great history. “Untouched Virgin of the Land of Lights” used to be the name of this place, with waters that are unmatched anywhere else. There are Fethiye boat trips that are available all over the place that can be easily booked online before you reach your vacation destination.

The 12 Islands of Fethiye, Turkey

All of these islands are accessible through a Fethiye boat trip, and are surrounded by the gorgeous waters of the Mediterranean. They are situated between the bay of Fethiye and Gocek, and are not occupied by other villages.

The 12 Islands include the Cleopatra Bath, Yassica Islands, Gobun cove, Bedri Rahmi cove, Knight Island, Zeytin Ada, Tersane Adasum, Domuz Adasi, aand Delikli Adalar, to name only a few.

Tersane is the largest of all the islands within Fethiye waters, while Sovalye, the gateway of Fethiye, is a common resort in the summer for all of the locals. The smaller islands of Gemile, the Belcegiz Gulf, and Karacoren are typically very desolate, but overall, the 12 Islands of Fethiye attract locals and foreigners by the hundreds during the summer.

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For interest related purposes, keep reading to learn more about a few of the 12 Islands and all that the have to offer.

Cleopatra Bath

Also known as Hamam Bay, the Cleopatra Bath is one of the 12 Islands, and is known as the island where Cleopatra herself came to bathe at least twice in her life, with one of such times being on her honeymoon with Marc Antony. Here you can visit the old hamam ruins, which are now completely under water, with a natural hillside of volcanic structure that brought warm bath waters.

The beautiful Fethiye waters cover the coast and the shore of Cleopatra bath, and even reach near the remains of the Lydae Ancient City, where you can still see Corinthian columns, inscribed tablets from the Byzantine and Roman periods, temple walls, a mausoleum and cisterns.

The only way to reach Cleopatra Bath, however, is by taking a Fethiye boat trip through the 12 Islands.

Yassica Islands

The Yassica Islands, which are also known as “Yassicalar”, are one of the main stopping places for those who partake in a Fethiye boat trip that is touring the 12 Islands. The Yassica Islands have no facilities and are made up of 5 smaller islands, with the largest being perfect for swimming in shallow water.

Saytanil Ada, one of the smaller islands with Yassica Islands, supposedly was where the devil himself lived. It’s said that the devil could not enter heaver and chose Yassica, instead. The ruins both beneath the sea and on the islands themselves indicate the at some point they were all connected.

Gobun Cove

The Gobun cove of the 12 Islands is somewhat of a hidden gem, as it’s not easily seen until you pass the opening during your Fethiye boat trip. The Gobun cove houses smaller boats during the winter months and is not accessible by larger boats, considering it offers year-round shelter and has a depth of only 5-7m. The western area is all shallow water, with the bottom only being sand.

Demolished walls and ruins can be seen underwater from ancient settlements, as well as floating moorings and even a restaurant and a barber. You can even climb up to see a gorgeous view of the Gocek Bay, as well as a pathway that will lead you to Roman ruins.

Bedri Rahmi Cove

This beautiful cove is located directly across from the Tersane Island, and is also known as the Lycian and Tasyaka cove, which is a favorite stop for those in search of historical texture and natural beauty. The olive and pine forests here cover the hills located behind the cove, with local oleander becoming one with the beautiful turquoise waters of the small beach. Simple tombs stands behind the rocks and the trees, and help to complete Bedri Rahmi cove’s natural, historic beauty.

Knight Island

This island was once used and inhabited by the Knights of Rhodes. Today, however, motels and cafes can be found there instead, along with organized tours that go all over the island.

Zeytin Ada

This island, which is also known as Olive Island, is privately owned with an olive oil workshop that belongs to the period of the Ottoman. Zeytin Ada is located in the southern areas of the Yassica Islands.

Tersane Adasum

Also known as Dockyard Island, Tersane Adasum is one of the largest islands that is in the gulf of the 12 islands and toured from a Fethiye boat trip. Here you will encounter the Greek ruins of the watchtower, and is one of the best spots to take a boat trip to.

Domuz Adasi

Also known as Pig Island, Domuz Adasi was once heavily populated with boar and was a popular place to hunt. Unlike many of the other 12 Islands, you can easily drop the anchor and dock here to explore the beautiful nature that this island has to offer.

Delikili Adalar

Also known as the Prince Islands, consisting of four other islands, the Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, and Kinaliada, the Delikili Adalar islands are incredibly popular destinations for both locals and tourists alike. With no cars, buses, or trucks on the islands, the only means of getting around are horse and cart, which ensures a peaceful, calm, and semi quiet environment.

There are also five smaller islands that can be visited as well, being the Sedaf Adasi, Yassuada, Sivriada, and Kasik Adasi. Therefore, there are always spots to visit, and endless things to see when you take a Fethiye boat trip to the Delikili Adalar islands.

Other Activities to do in Fethiye

Other than taking a Fethiye boat trip to see the 12 Islands, there are many fun activities and places to see in Fethiye, Turkey.

If you’re looking to do a bit of shopping, then Downtown Fethiye is the perfect place to do so! Restaurants, spice shops, clothes, handbags, and even organic Turkish Delight can be found here.

If you’re more interested in viewing some of the historical aspects that Fethiye has to offer, then the Kayakoy Ghost Town is absolutely perfect for you. Here you can take a guided, informative tour of the ruins and learn all about them, but ensure that you are wearing a comfy pair of walking shoes, as there is a lot to see here.

For a fun family day, Billy’s Beach is the perfect place to go. The lagoon is a great place to have a swim, the food and drinks are very reasonable, and the nightlife is the best part. Entertainers and a party on the beach is what you will find at BBQ Night at Billy’s Beach, which is perfect fun for the family, couples, or even someone going by themselves, as well. BBQ Night typically starts with live music, then moves on to food, more entertainment, and then everything descends onto the beach for a night filled with fun.

The Ancient Rock Tombs ruins are perfect for one person, a couple, or a group of adults as an activity for the day, but not so great for children. Guided tours bring tourists and locals throughout the entire ruins to have a look around, with explained history, where you will find Lycian tombs that have been carved into the rocky hillside.

If you are visiting with children, then the Selale Yaka Park comes highly recommended. There are trout that swim around the bar, a plentiful buffet, and plenty of waterfalls and pools to swim through and in. Interestingly enough, you can even pet the trout while you sit at the bar to have a drink, which has become very popular. The best time to go is during the week, as you will only find tourists and very few people there in general during this time. During the weekend, however, locals flock to Selale Yaka Park, so if you’re looking for an atmosphere that is not so rushed and busy, it’s best to visit during the weekday.

If you’re looking to relax for the day and get some swimming in, without having to visit the 12 islands and taking a Fethiye boat trip to do so, then Kabak Koyu is the perfect place to do it. This gorgeous beach is both forest and sea with multiple areas to stay in, and sometimes even features live music.

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