Dalyan Mud Bath Day Trip From Fethiye

Adult: $50 - Child: $30 - Pickup: 09:00 - Ends: 17:00 - Transportation from/to hotel and Lunch Included

Dalyan Mud Bath Tour Overview:

There are several places to visit while going to Turkey, amongst all the places Dalyan Mud Bath is known for its natural beauty as well as for the Lycian rock tombs inserted into the bluffs sitting above the stream. It’s an extraordinary spot, not just as a result of its Lycian and Roman history additionally on the grounds that it is a region of endless wetland and Iztuzu Beach is the settling spot of a considerable lot of Turkey’s loggerhead turtles. These turtles are also known as the Caretta Caretta turtles.

While going to Dalyan from Fethiye one can hire a boat or can also go by bus. Most of the people find it more interesting to hire a boat for the trip so that they can also enjoy the water ride. The village lies between two districts, 86 kms from Marmaris and 65 kms to the west of Fethiye. The village is an eco friendly village and the main attraction here is the Dalyan Mud Bath, people from far areas are visiting the place to enjoy the scenic beauty, the beaches and to indulge themselves in the Dalyan Mud Bath.

You can choose the Dalyan Mud Bath tour from various places such as Oludeniz, Calis, Ovacik, Hisaronu, and Fethiye. While going on a guided tour to Dalyan Mud Bath and turtle shoreline in Turkey joins three sorts of diversion; Sightseeing, medicinal and the Dalyan shoreline. The trip from Fethiye to Dalyan starts with a visit to the warm springs situated close to the town of Dalyan completed by cruising the thin channels of the Dalyan stream where you will see the antiquated Lycian rock tombs. Be prepared to experience the Dalyan river cruise with your friends or family, in which you can also include the Dalyan Mud Bath. The Oludeniz Dalyan Mud Bath trip is finished with a visit to the special sandy Dalyan shoreline at Iztuzu, which is also popularly known as the Dalyan Turtle Beach because this is the place where unique Caretta turtles lay their eggs.

There are a lot of things which you can do while on the Dalyan tour from Fethiye. Some of its highlights are listed below.

Highlight of Dalyan Mud Bath:

  • The tour starts in the morning by picking you from Oludeniz at 8:00 Am, Hisaronu at 8:30 Am, Calis at 9:00 Am, Fethiye at 8:30 AM
  • We will drive to Dalyan (around 1h30m) where we will begin the pontoon voyage.
  • At that point, we will voyage on the Dalyan Delta and see the Lycian Rock Tombs.
  • After that, you will encounter characteristic mud showers and appreciate this restorative excellence treatment. We complete our visit going by renowned Iztuzu shoreline which is an ensured territory for Caretta turtles.
  • Come back to your inn around 18:30 after having this refreshing Dalyan Mud Bath.
  • Prices include Insurance, Boat trip, Transport, Lunch and Dalyan Mud Bath fee
  • You need to bring your swimsuit, towel, sun cream and camera along with you while going for the Dalyan Mud Bath

What to expect

Once you choose a Dalyan tour from Fethiye, you will be getting a guided Oludeniz Dalyan Mud Bath and turtle shoreline visit from Calis or Hisaronu. We will pick you from the nearest places of Fethiye to start the tour in the morning. While going on the tour you can also try the numerous local delicacies for example, grill cooked blue crabs, but you might have to pay for it as it won’t be included in the tour package. 

A Dalyan tour from Fethiye is a standout amongst the most prevalent trips and visits for travelers to visit the popular old Caunos tombs, hot springs, Dalyan Mud Bath, and obviously the chance to see the gigantic and uncommon Caretta turtles.

The delta of the Dalyan waterway has been perceived as a nature hold. Here you can see countless types of flying creatures; many palm trees and the Caretta turtles. This place is amongst those places which are considered as one of the best place in Fethiye for turtles viewing. People also love to have Dalyan Mud Bath while going on the tour to Dalyan.

The Dalyan waterway interfaces Koycegiz Lake with the ocean. The wide sandy spit of Dalyan Iztuzu shoreline is a characteristic watershed that isolates the waterway from the ocean. The sand spit of Iztuzu is occupied via Caretta turtles to proceed with their old ancestry.

Consistently every Caretta turtle lays up to 150 eggs on the Iztuzu turtle shoreline, however tragically most infant’s hatchlings kick the bucket from blue crabs and other seaside predators. Grown-up Caretta achieves tremendous sizes 1 meter long and can weigh up to 50kg. Most of the people after exploring this place love to go for a Dalyan Mud Bath.

The width of the Iztuzu sandy spit is only couple of several meters. The clean brilliant sand, quiet oceans, delicate incline and perfectly clear warm water is magnificent for an entertainment and unwinding on Dalyan Turtle Beach Turkey.

Amid the Dalyan watercraft outing to the sandy spit neighborhood individuals will mastermind little shows where guests can see the uncommon Dalyan turtles.

It is just conceivable to see the antiquated rock tombs just from a watercraft amid the Dalyan waterway journey, yet justified regardless of the trek as the perspectives are stunning! The antiquated Lycian tombs in Dalyan had a place with the old leaders of Caunos and are made straightforwardly in the precipices at a high elevation. Dalyan Mud Bath is the most alluring thing to experience while going on a trip to Dalyan from Fethiye.

As per the convictions of the people groups who possessed this area for a huge number of years, the higher the internment tomb the less demanding the way is to the sky. At the entombment tomb they likewise set important things that their perished proprietor with the conviction that they would require them in the following life, which is the reason the tombs’ fortunes were ravaged in antiquated times.

There are sulfur springs and mud in Sultanye just 4 km from Dalyan town. The temperature of warm springs comes to 39 degrees and the nearness of the sulfur mixes gives them a particular odor. The water additionally contains radon, chloride and calcium sulfide. It is trusted that showers with warm water have a gainful impact for stiffness, back torment, sciatica, lumbago, nephritis, dermatological and gynecological illnesses. Drinking the warm water is accepted to reduce entrails, nerve bladder and liver infections. History of Dalyan Mud Bath is connected with Aphrodite, the goddess of excellence. It is trusted that the nearby mud gives mending and alleviation from joint inflammation, ailments of the musculoskeletal framework and skin issues.

On the off chance that you consider how far Dalyan is from Fethiye, Hisaronu, Oludeniz, and then you may not stress it is found not far away: Fethiye to Dalyan 55 km, Hisaronu to Dalyan 70 km, Oludeniz to Dalyan 75 km.


We don’t profess to be the least expensive available, we are simply attempting to discover best Dalyan Mud Bath tours from Fethiye and other places of Turkey. There are other things as well which you can include in your trips. You can have your customized trips with us. You can check the availability of the tours with us and accordingly book it.

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