Jeep Safari Fethiye Tour

Adult: $50 - Child: $30 - Pickup: 09:00 - Ends: 16:30 - Lunch Included

It’s now or never, so plan your trip now to Fethiye and enjoy each and everything it has to offer you. In order to explore the whole place you can either go by your own conveyance or can also hire Jeep safari Fethiye. Having a Jeep safari Fethiye will add more fun and adventure in your trip.

What Fethiye has to offer you?

The territory around Fethiye is packed with things to see and do as such we offer you enjoy the reprieve from sunbathing and go along with us on an energizing and brimming with feelings Jeep safari Fethiye from Turkey Hisaronu.

You can also hire open roof Jeep safari Fethiye from Oludeniz that will drive you in security and solace to ones of most excellent and astounding spots close Fethiye – Tlos, trout ranch and eatery Yakapark, Saklikent gorge, mud shower and Patara shoreline.

For example during the Jeep safari Fethiye one of the places which we cover is Tlos – home of Bellerophon and his steed Pegasus. You may stroll in Lycian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman demolishes and appreciates shocking perspectives of the mountain. Amid our Jeep safari Fethiye we visit the trout homestead and eatery Yakapark where you may appreciate wonderful scenes of eatery’s park zone. Saklikent canyon will hit you with its enormity – it is the second biggest crevasse in the Europe and the longest and most profound in Turkey. The open smorgasbord lunch will be offered in decent eatery situated close to the passage to pig out.

After lunch you will have room schedule-wise to unwind lying on patio situated by the mountain waterway or go gift shopping at the little bazaar. The following leg of our Fethiye – Oludeniz – Hisaronu Jeep safari Fethiye will be the visit to mud showers and brief time swimming in the stream. In our Jeep safari Fethiye the last stop will be will be the Patara shoreline, which is the longest shoreline in Turkey. It was perceived as the best shoreline in the whole Europe. The town of Patara is also popular because of the fact that it is the origin of Santa Claus. You will have some time for sunbathing and swimming there. Jeep safari Fethiye will give you a lot of memories and a lot of fun.

With us you van book the best tour package including Jeep safari Fethiye in it. We are not saying that we offer the cheapest price in the market, but what we can assure is that we offer you the best services. You can find Jeep safari Fethiye in Hisaronu and Oludeniz at quite a reasonable price. Remember that less expensive tour packages mean cheaper quality and less wellbeing.

What all will be included in your Jeep safari Fethiye tour?

What is incorporated into the cost of Fethiye jeep safari from Oludeniz and Hisaronu: transportation, protection, proficient aide, lunch (barring drinks).

You have to bring: bathing suit, shades, camera, and cash for beverages.

Get time for Jeep Safari: Oludeniz 8.15 is, Hisaronu 8.25 am, Ovacik 8.25 am, Fethiye 8.20 am, Calis 8.15 am.

Length: 10 hours.

A brief about Jeep safari Fethiye in Saklikent Gorge

A fixation initiating outing is surely our Jeep safari Fethiye. Experience seekers, all aboard! Get prepared for an entire day free from the regular considerations of present day life. We drive on the uneven and winding earth streets, go up to the mountains and down into riverbeds, get sloppy, dusky and wet and snicker at the same time. See Yaka Village tickle the bar-trout’s, breath the crisp affectation of the pine backwoods, watch women at work weaving their customary floor coverings, recharge yourself with a stroll in the super cold waters of Saklikent Gorge, do the rafting on the stream, mud-wrestle on the waterway banks. Lastly wash the day’s grime sweat and tidy on the shoreline. When you return to inn you can begin arranging your next safari. Wonder why individuals get dependent? To get the answer you need to experience the Jeep safari Fethiye on your own.

What else you can explore amid Jeep Safari Fethiye?

While on a Jeep safari Fethiye you can easily explore a portion of the natural highlights and archeological fortunes of the locale on this pleasant jeep experience. Head to into the back heaps of Fethiye where tou will locate the antiquated city of Tlos, based on the slants of a precarious slope. One of the most seasoned and biggest settlements of Lycia, this old city bore the title ‘the exceptionally splendid city of the Lycian country’ under the Roman realm. The Jeep safari Fethiye stops quickly at the foot of the slope to take photographs while your aide quickly clarifies the historical backdrop of the vestiges, which incorporated a palace, Lycian Rock Tombs and antiquated theater.

Head into a the charming woodland encompassing the Trout Farm of Yakapark, where the peace is irritated just by the sound of surging water and on to Saklikent Canyon high in the mountains above Fethiye. This is the ideal spot to chill and there is a great opportunity to unwind in the shade of verdant forests by the waterside or cross the stream to stroll into the stupendous chasm, which is 18 kilometers in length and 300 meters somewhere down in a few spots. Sprinkle among the cool reviving waters of Saklıkent Gorge. You will love the Jeep safari Fethiye with us.

Toward the evening, there is an opportunity to bathe in some normal mud pools before heading to Koca Calis Beach passing conventional Turkish towns en route. Unwind in the ocean or douse up the sun on the long white sands of the beach of Koca Calis. It will be an important day and a genuine experience you can always remember.

What happens on the Jeep safari Fethiye in Saklikent Gorge?

While on the Jeep safari Fethiye tour, our first stop will take you up to the remains of Tlos, where as indicated by prevalent thinking and nearby legends, the well known Pegasus (the winged steed) once lived.

Next stop is Yakapark, which is a secured national park and renowned for its fish ranch. This is the best place to taste genuine Turkish hotcakes and to see the new water running from the mountains, alongside its lovely tropical patio nurseries.

In the wake of going to Yakapark, you will drive through the neighborhood towns where you can see the genuine Turkish town ways of life, advancing toward Saklıkent (Gorge). You will enjoy your fullest while on the Jeep safari Fethiye with your friends or family or colleagues.

Saklıkent (Gorge) is the second longest ravine in Europe. It is 18km long and 300 meters high, with a 20 meter high footbridge, driving you into the ravine, where masses of super cold spring water spouts down the stones framing a furious stream which you can cross with the assistance of a rope driving you into the Gorge where you can stroll around and investigate. You will then have an open smorgasbord lunch while sitting on the stages with the waterway running behind you.

Saklıkent (Gorge) is a spot that must be seen in any event once in your lifetime. Mostly all of the Jeep safari Fethiye tour packages will include this place in their list.

Taking after Saklıkent (Gorge) you will go to the mud showers which contain sulfur which is exceptionally sound for your skin. Keep an eye out for the visit guides and their traps!

At long last toward the end of your energizing day you will visit Çalış Beach, where you will have the opportunity to sunbathe on the lovely sandy shoreline and cool yourself off in the Mediterranean, before making a beeline for your lodging at around 18.30 pm.

The entire day is caught on camera which you can buy by the day’s end in the event that you wish.

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