Oludeniz Boat Trip

Adult: $50 - Child: $30 Pickup: 09:30 - Ends: 17:00 - Transportation from / to hotel - Lunch Included

Oludeniz is a small village in Turkey that is surrounded by the glorious Mediterranean sea, with a sapphire meets green sea foam at the shoreline that can be seen from high in the sky. The beaches are full of soft, white sand, and stretch for miles on end. Oludeniz is one of the top spots in the globe for water sports including paragliding, for example, and especially a Oludeniz boat trips to explore what this village, and the surrounding areas, have to offer.

Oludeniz Boat Trips

During your trip to Oludeniz, consider taking a boat trip to truly explore what the sea and Oludeniz itself has to offer. After a pleasant day on the water seeing all of the sights and making friends with other tourists like yourself, it’s no wonder why people come back to Oludeniz just for the boat tours.

Gemiler Island

The island of Saint Nicholas, where his tomb originally stood, holds the ruins of multiple churches that were built during the fourth or sixth century AD, where you will also find multiple assorted buildings that were associated with said churches.

Overall, there are forty ecclesiastical buildings, with over fifty tombs from the Christian religion, with one of the church ruins cut straight from the rocks of the highest point on the island. It’s located near a processional walkway that is 350 meters, or 1,150 feet, long.

Because of the rich history, and the beautiful water, Oludeniz boat trip are incredibly popular, especially because boats can safely anchor within the crescent-shaped bay. Even locals from Oludeniz flock to this island, as well.

Cold Water Bay

As far as bays in Oludeniz go, Cold Water Bay is definitely the best one. Our Oludeniz boat trip company will typically stop here during each one, and it’s not hard to see why, considering it’s such a gem of a place. The restaurant that sits on the edge of the bay close to the shore is owned by a man and his son who typically partake in the swimming and engaging conversations with tourists, unless they have patrons in their restaurant, of course, which creates a friendly, family oriented atmosphere from the get go.

The fresh, comfortably cold water of this bay is the perfect way to refresh yourself and enlighten your senses back to life. If you’d rather do some sightseeing, there is a derelict town that was abandoned by the Greeks during 1923 up at Kaya Koy, which takes about a half an hour to walk to from the bay itself. Once you are up there, you will also be able to see some incredible views, considering you will be very near the top of the mountain there.

Blue Cave

If you’re hoping to get some proper snorkeling in during your trip to Oludeniz, then Blue Cave is the absolute perfect place for you! At Blue Cave you can go deep into the depths of the crystal clean water, go snorkeling, and witness some of the many starfish that are constantly spotted on the bottom.

This natural cave is definitely one of the best spots to visit during a Oludeniz boat trip to snorkel and cool off.

Aquarium Bay

This bay is the perfect place to get some serious snorkeling is, as there are more fish to see than you would normally witness at Blue Cave. If you are traveling with a camera that works under water during your Oludeniz boat trip, an underwater camera, then Aquarium Bay is the perfect place to get some underwater shots of you, a friend, a family member, or whoever the case may be snorkeling.

While there is much to enjoy here in terms of marine life and the water itself, swimmers and snorkelers should mind themselves while in the water, as there are sea urchins around this area.

Butterfly Valley

Known as Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish, the Butterfly Valley is known as the most beautiful, picturesque place to visit in all of Oludeniz, and Turkey in general. This is one place that all Oludeniz boat trip companies refuse to miss, and for good reason.

The incredible canyon home to many beautiful special of butterflies that is Butterfly Valley holds many spots to visit and sights to see. If you’re willing to make a hike, there is a waterfall this is about 1000 meters, approximately, up from the initial canyon, as well as a couple of restaurants that serve good food and cold refreshments in the heat.

There are also many areas for you to find accommodations in Butterfly Valley, something that is not typically seen in Oludeniz. There are wooden huts with shared washing facilities if you make the trip further down and into the canyon, or you can rent a tent for the night. You can also even camp out on the beach if you prefer to do so, as well.

Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz is absolutely perfect for those who love a good hike, and for those who are avid photographers. Snorkelers and swimmers are also welcomes, as there are beaches to relax on, and even bonfire parties and BBQs that are held at night there.

In short, there is something for everyone in Butterfly Valley, even if you are just making a quick hour stop during a Oludeniz boat trip.

Camel Beach

This beach in Oludeniz has gotten its name from the rock formation of the night siluate, which is that of a camel. You can find Camel Beach directly across from Cold Water Bay, and is only accessible by boat, which is why it’s such a popular destination when tourists and locals are on a Oludeniz boat trip.

Both tourists and locals alike prefer to take the cruises that are held at night, the moonlight cruises, which stop here during the night to hold special BBQs on the beach itself.

If you are searching for a beach in Oludeniz that is both quiet and secluded, then Camel Beach is the best destination for you.

Other Activities to do in Oludeniz

Paragliding, or Parasutu in Turkish, is one of the most popular activities to take place in when visiting Oludeniz. Should you not have your own equipment and boat, there are nearly hundreds of companies and private, locally owned boaters who will gladly take you out on the water for a small fee. Some of the Oludeniz boat trip companies incorporate paragliding within their services, as well.

Or, if you are just looking to relax for the day, the Kidrak Natural Park is the best place to be. With an incredible beach, crystal clear water, and an atmosphere that is less crowded when compared to the main beach of Oludeniz, you cannot go wrong. This beach is the perfect place to spend a day relaxing with your family, your friends, or simply just by yourself, depending on who you are traveling with. The entrance fee is a small one, and there is even a small cafe for food and drinks.

Overall, there are multiple fun activities and things to see in Fethiye and do in Oludeniz, Turkey, not just the option for a Oludeniz boat trip, that it can be difficult to do and see everything that you have planned for yourself during your trip!

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