Paragliding Fethiye Tour

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People who are fond of travelling and always seek for new adventure in their lives will find Turkey a fine place to visit. The place has to offer a lot to a tourist including sightseeing, air sports, water sports and many other activities. This is the place which you won’t want to leave out of your travelling bucket list.  It will be a great experience for you if you hire a tour package in advance before arriving there. We are known for providing the best tour packages in the city at the most affordable prices, including each and everything which you would love to explore while visiting the place even Paragliding Fethiye and other activities as well.

Fethiye, Turkey

It is the city and district which belongs to the Mugla Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. Currently the city is situated on the location of the old city of Telmesssos; therefore one can also witness some of the remains of the city there. Paragliding Fethiye is the major attraction here.

Heaven exists everywhere throughout the world, and the idea of heaven for the most part contrasts to a great many people. Nonetheless, if heaven to you implies staggeringly turquoise water, extensive, common white sand shorelines, and an environment of satisfaction and happiness, get yourself to Fethiye, Turkey. Fethiye is on the Mediterranean shoreline of Turkey with an antiquated history from pre-Roman Lycian times. Fethiye offers a lot of things to do, including investigating the antiquated city and remains scattered around the city, climbing the Lycian Way which lead to Antalya, or spending the day cruising around to adjacent islands. Paragliding Fethiye is the best sport here and the major attraction for the people who are coming here.

Fethiye is one of the most renowned places amongst the tourists and remain crowded during summers. People love to choose Paragliding Fethiye to have a world class experience. The place is also quite popular for British Citizens. Tourists not only get attracted to the place because of the beauty and climate of the city, but also because of the less expensive lifestyle and the hospitality of the locales as well as the variety of sports they can enjoy their including Paragliding Fethiye.

The best place to experience Paragliding Fethiye.

The best spot for Paragliding Fethiye is Ölüdeniz, which means Blue Lagoon in Turkish. Ölüdeniz is a white rock shoreline and an adjacent tidal pond whose water is amazing shades of blue, turquoise, and sea green/blue. On the shoreline it’s difficult to miss the magnificence of your environment, and also the handfuls and many paragliders overhead. Ölüdeniz is acclaimed for Paragliding Fethiye not just due to the awesome sights you see while open to question but since they have perfect conditions nearly year-round and in view of the tallness of the dispatch site: Mount Babadag. There are paragliding schools and travel organizations everywhere throughout the shoreline hoping to offer you a couple of Paragliding Fethiye trips in case you’re up for the amazing game. While Fethiye is incredibly famous for its Paragliding Fethiye and the greater part of the organizations are protected and proficient, it bodes well to pick a school that concentrates exclusively on Paragliding Fethiye, not one that additionally does parasailing, watercraft trips, strolling visits, and so on.

We are also into providing Paragliding Fethiye tour packages as per your stay duration and budget. You can contact us to know the further details and to book a package in advance for you as well as your family.

Another Paragliding Fethiye site

Babadag Mountain stands 1969m high and is a standout amongst the most vital paragliding centers on the planet; we exceedingly prescribe you to attempt it amid your outing to Fethiye. Babadag is situated beside the prominent town of Oludeniz and the take-off point is 20km from the focal point of Fethiye at a height of 1700m. Climbing the mountain is just conceivable utilizing 4×4 vehicles and the trip takes around 45 minutes. Because of climate conditions the best and most secure time to bounce is from the earliest starting point of April until the end of October. You will have the most amazing Paragliding Fethiye experience here and will always remember it for your lifetime.

Jumping points at Babadag

There are three jumping points which are widely used by the Paragliding Fethiye guides. The primary one is at 1700m as it gets the south wind and is the biggest with a limit of up to 20 parachutes. In the event that there is inadequate wind here it’s conceivable to move up to 1800 or 1900m despite the fact that at 1800m it’s extremely steep so 1900m is typically favored.

What will you see while going for Paragliding Fethiye?

Only a couple of minutes subsequent to taking off you are remunerated with the superb perspective of Oludeniz and Belcekiz, trailed by Kayakoy, Ovacik and the straight of Fethiye. Subsequent to flying for 40 or an hour you come to arrive on Belcekiz Beach in Oludeniz. You will be mesmerized by the view of the city while going for Paragliding Fethiye from these spots.

You can also fly Solo while going for Paragliding Fethiye

Despite the fact that the dominant part of flights permitted are couple flights utilizing an expert mentor, qualified paragliders who hold a universal declaration can fly solo and amid the Air Festival held in October, Babadag has numerous experts from all around the globe.

What happens next?

When you at last make it up the mountain, and you will, the rest is simple. Your pair accomplice will set up the apparatus and give you a couple of straightforward guidelines. When you’re prepared you’ll slip into your tackle, and gracelessly run a few meters together to the end of the precipice, where the wind will then lift you up into the sky. The sensation is surely not quite the same as skydiving. There is no feeling of a free fall, yet rather a dreamlike impression of drifting on air takes like a flying creature while looking down at the mind blowing blue water, white sand, and green trees of the ground underneath. In case you’re available, your teacher will do traps with you, including fun, yet stomach-beating turns!

The trek for the most part keeps going somewhere around 30 and 45 minutes, contingent upon how agreeable you feel noticeable all around. You’ll gradually plunge at the same time and can attempt to choose your companions on the shoreline who were excessively anxious, making it impossible to attempt. The arrival is straightforward, basically you simply take a seat and your educator does all the work. Not all that terrible for such a mind blowing rides. Paragliding is undoubtedly an amazing game, however Ölüdeniz’s looks are by all account not the only thing that makes it renowned, it is likewise a to a great degree safe spot to paraglide and the cost isn’t awful either, averaging just 75 Euros for every outing. Ölüdeniz is reliably evaluated as one of the top shorelines on the planet, so why not blend it up a bit and get a perspective of the shoreline from the sky and additionally from the sand?

You might find several Paragliding Fethiye companies which offer amazing paragliding packages. You can also see the expense associated with it, the time for which they are offering the service and according choose the best one. But in case you don’t want to go through all of the trouble, you can just book a tour package with it, customize it and include whatever you want to do in your trip and we will arrange everything for you. You just need to be the pickup and drop point and the rest will be taken care of.

Since you are going to do something different this time, it will be great if you capture the moment with you, so keep you camera with you while going for Paragliding Fethiye. In case you are going solo, you can capture your pictures and videos on your own but in case you are going with a trainer, you can give your camera to him and he will capture everything, you will be free to enjoy the moment.

There are other activities too apart from Paragliding Fethiye, which you can also include in your list while staying in Fethiye, such as surfing, bike safari, wakeboarding, river kayaking, canoeing, caving, sailing, abseiling, bird watching, hunting, biking, go karting and many more. Contact us and we will help you in including the best of the activities in your tour package like Paragliding Fethiye, etc.

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