Saklikent Tlos Yakapark Tour

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Overview of Saklikent Tlos Yakapark Tour

Let us look into the details of the tour to Saklikent gorge from Fethiye?

A twisting street through the valley and the mountains will take us to the old Lycian city of Tlos close Saklikent which was worked by the Hittites and is said in the compositions of the fourteenth century BC In times of Lycia it was a standout amongst the most vital urban communities. It combined three periods – the antiquated Lycian tombs cut into the stone, Agora, and amphitheater worked by the Romans at the foot of the mountain lastly the old Ottoman post of Bloody Ali at the top. As per legend the Bellerophon and his winged steed Pegasus lived here. Tlos necropolis is thought to be an illustrious holy place of Belerophon. As indicated by mythology he was acclaimed for having slaughtered a shocking beast – Chimera and afterward settled an illustrious line that ruled Tlos. In Tlos you can see the remaining parts of extravagance homes and showers that in antiquated times were secured with vines. So this tour to Saklikent gorge from Oludeniz, Fethiye or Hisaronu will be useful and captivating for aficionados of history. The separation from Fethiye to Saklikent Gorge is 40 km. After a visit to Tlos on our Fethiye Saklikent gorge tour from Oludeniz Hisaronu Calis, we will come to Fethiye Yakapark trout ranch. Here among the labyrinth of restricted ways and pools with completely clear water with sprinkling trout, you will taste supper cooked in the best customs of national Turkish food. Eatery Yakapark close Fethiye is truly covered in verdure so you will love to be there particularly in hot summer day – it will be the genuine highlight of Saklikent – Tlos – Yakapark tour.

Also, toward the end of our Saklikent tour from Fethiye, we will go to the secretive Saklikent Gorge which signifies “The Lost City” in interpretation from Turkish. Saklikent Canyon close Fethiye has a stature of 300 m and a length of 18 km. It is the longest ravine in Turkey and the second-longest in Europe. Saklikent Turkey is currently a national stop and has the zone of 12,390 hectares. There is part of recuperating mud which has a restoring impact in the crevasse. You will have the capacity to enter into the heart of the mountains where the peculiar rocks encompass by cool notwithstanding when there is warmth outside. Lost City allures you further and assist into the entrancing rocks until they for all intents and purposes join up over your head. In the Saklikent national park, you can pontoon down a mountain waterway. This brilliant Hisaronu Saklikent gorge tour from Fethiye will amuse aficionados of history and additionally enterprise mates!


The Saklikent Canyon

The principal goal of this day by day tour is Saklikent Canyon (a.k.a. Saklıkent Gorge). It is the most profound and longest canyon in Turkey, 50 km far from Fethiye and is just forty (40) minutes’ head out. It is a dazzling topographical site that offers sublime and huge precipice confronts that were shaped during the time by dissolving snow and scraped the area of the stones by streaming waters. The Saklikent Canyon has a length of 18 km and a profundity of 300 meters. It is an impeccable occasion goal amid summer that will permit you to feel the spouting cool waters from Ulupinar springs where water rises under extraordinary power from the precipice’s bases and take in the brilliant landscape by comfortable climbing up to 4km of the gorge.

The Yakapark

For the second goal, we have the Yakapark Restaurant situated at the Yaka Village, which is 40 km away and just a 50-minute drive from the Saklikent Gorge. In the event that the canyon’s experiences and treks have you depleted, Yakapark will refill you with unwinding through its exceptionally quiet air. It is a trout fish ranch, which gloats a staggering perspective of waterfalls; streams and crisp spring water that will head out the mid-year heat. Yakapark Restaurant will give you lunch that will fill your stomach with its open smorgasbord and flavorful nourishments.

The Tlos

After the mitigating sights of Yakapark, you will devour your eyes with the spiritualist remains of Tlos, which is our last yet never the slightest stunning goal to finish your day by day trip. It is arranged somewhere in the range of 2.5 kilometers far from the Yakapark Restaurant. It is an antiquated demolished Lycian ridge fortress that was accepted to be the real religious Lycian Cites. Glance around at Tlos and it’s wondrous recorded and old remnants that’ll suit the best to individuals who cherish a tad bit of history. Be that as it may, everyone will love to see the remaining parts of extravagance homes, amphitheaters, market lobbies and showers in old times secured with vines. The tour in Tlos won’t just give you a look at the antiquated past, however, will likewise wonderment you with its amusing history.

A portion of the key highlights are recorded beneath:

  • Eight-hour short journey to Tlos and Saklikent Gorge from Fethiye.
  • Marvel at fantastic Saklikent Gorge, Europe’s second longest ravine.
  • See the vestiges and Lycian rock tombs of antiquated, slope top Tlos.
  • Break for lunch (own cost) at any of Saklikent’s riverside eateries.
  • Hike through the waters of this precarious walled ravine and bathe in waterfalls toward the end.
  • Covered by Viator’s straightforward approach: ensure on-time come back to your boat.
  • Enjoy customized consideration from an aide on this tour.

What’s in store in Saklikent Tlos Yakapark Tour from Fethiye:

Be awed by the towering Saklikent Gorge on your shore journey from Fethiye. At the point when your boat docks in Fethiye, meet your aide at the port and board your private, aerated and cooled minivan. At that point, appreciate the perspectives of the Turkish wide open on your approach to Tlos. After about 60 minutes, pull up at this antiquated, ridge ruins that imprint what was a critical Lycian settlement going back to the second century BC. As you climb the slope, hear how this Lycian site was thusly occupied by the Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans up to the nineteenth century. On the course, see rock-cut Lycian tombs, a Lycian stronghold and a Roman business sector, shower, theater, and stadium. Keep on saklikent Gorge, around one hour away by street. As you travel, listen to lighting up truths about this gigantic rock ravine whose name signifies ‘shrouded city’ in Turkish. Hear how it was cut from streams from the close-by Akdağ Mountain and how, at 11 miles (18km) long, it positions as the second longest crevasse in Europe. When you arrive, maybe lease some waterproof shoes (own cost) to trek through the streams that course through the canyon. At that point, set off with your ride along the cliffside promenade. In the wake of intersection a stream, douse up the scrumptiously cool shade and perspectives over the towering precipices as you trek through this amazing gully. You’ll have to swim through icy waters — some might be midriff high — however, your aide will help and it’s a piece of the good times. Don’t hesitate to pivot when you wish or trek to the end to chill in the invigorating waterfalls. Before or after your lackadaisical trek, enjoy a reprieve for lunch at one of the riverside eateries at the canyon passageway — it’s a mysterious spot to eat and unwind. A while later, come back to Fethiye, where your shore outing closes with a drop-off at the voyage port.


This is a definite go-to tourist place that one must find in his/her lifetime and have loads of fun! What more would you say you are searching for? Simply book it now and prepared to compose an essential piece of your life history.

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