Ephesus Tour from Istanbul

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Turkey is an ancient site of wonders and constructional marvels. The Ephesus tour from Istanbul explores some of these ancient wonders and helps the visitor understand the rich cultural heritage of the ancient place. Covering a range of beautiful like the Temple of Artemis along with a widespread fare of delicious lunch, you are guaranteed to return a new man from our wonderful Ephesus tour.

Ephesus is one of the few sites in the Mediterranean Sea which have been able to maintain its ancient wonders of construction through careful preservation. In our day tour from Istanbul to Ephesus, the site includes the Temple of Artemis, one of the ancient wonders of the world on account of its intricate construction and religious significance. Here, you can soak in the feeling of being in the same place where thousands of devotees thronged daily to pray. Let your mind wonder in our Ephesus tour and feel the importance of this place with your whole being.

Next on the itinerary is the Library of Celsius, yet another wonder of the ancient world, widely different from the previous attraction where the pursuit of knowledge payed as big a role as religion did in the temple. Our Ephesus tour from Istanbul is designed so that you can take in everything that our beloved Turkey has to offer. Of course, after the temple of Artemis, where nature was the prime focus of the God, the library of Celsius, which stores over 12,000 scrolls and has the crypt in which its creator, Tiberius Celsius lay, is a perfect contrast.

After the lunch on our agenda in the Ephesus tour from Istanbul is an ancient brothel. These structures were highly prized in ancient Turkey and served as much as places for relaxing as they were meant for pleasure. Here you can see the large public baths that were operated as well. Although you cannot soak in the bath waters anymore, the ambience of such majestic structures are fully preserved, letting you take in the importance and the beauty of the places in its full glory.

Last but not the least on our  day trip Ephesus tour from Istanbul, you will be taken to visit a large open air amphitheatre. It was one of the chief methods for debates and disputes in the ancient world. But even in the modern world, this amphitheatre has seen a lot of activity and has played host to a lot of legends like Tom Jones and Elton John.

Ephesus as a site was chosen for this tour into ancient Turkey because of not only its spectacular ties to ancient civilization, but also because it was the final resting place of Virgin Mary, who came with St. John in her last years to spread Christianity. On our one day tour from Istanbul to Ephesus, you can feel all the history of this wonderful place seep through yourself.


  • Pickup at 0500 hours and drop back to your hotel late evening
  • A delicious spread of lunch
  • An ever-present guide to help you with the history at every step of the way
  • Ancient wonders spread along the Ephesus tour from Istanbul including the Temple of Artemis, Library of Celsius, ancient brothel and a visit to an ancient amphitheater

On our one day tour from Istanbul to Ephesus, you will most likely be spending a lot of time walking along the route planned for visiting the ancient wonders, so feel free to bring along a lot of sunscreen and a hat. Also, you are advised to keep yourself hydrated. Do not forget to bring along your camera for the wonderful pictures along the way. Kindly note that breakfasts and drinks are not a part of the tour.

For any other information, kindly feel free to contact us. Rest assured that we are always ready to ensure that you, as the visitors, get nothing but the very best.


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