Princes Island Istanbul Tour

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how to get to princes islands from istanbul? We are offering Princes Island Istanbul tour which is a chain of nine smaller islands in the Marmara Sea away from the noise of the Istanbul city. They evolved from an exile place to a popular tourist’s destination. Apart from tourists, residents of the Istanbul also get an escape from the hectic city life and enjoy spending a day here. Among these nine islands, only four are open to the public. We will be visiting three of the islands and our last island will be “Buyuk Ada”. It is the most popular and the biggest islands of all. You will have enough time to walk around and explore the islands. You will be surprised to see the shops and luxury villas at the islands.


  • Enjoy the silence of the Princes Island tour where motorized vehicles are banned making the island to be oasis of quiet and peace
  • Experience the bicycles and horse drawn carriages on the islands
  • Walk around through the narrow streets of the islands flanked by wooden Victorian cottages or untouched pine forests
  • Ferry ride is yet another joyful experience that will facilitate you to travel through the waters
  • As we will be staying there for enough time, you can walk around and explore the beauty of the island.
  • You can even enjoy shopping in the shops.
  • Astoundingly aesthetic villas of the Princes Island tour will mesmerize you at their best.
  • Entice your taste buds with scrumptious lunch that will give you the best taste of the local cuisine. Lunch is also included in the tour.      

Full Description:

Our representative will reach you before time and will pick you for the Princes Island Istanbul tour tour sharp at 09:00 a.m. from your Istanbul hotel. Tour will be taken by the horse carriage and you will get enough time to explore the island at its best. Keep in your mind that horse carriage is included in the tour package.  You will get into the bus from the hotel and it will take us only ten minutes to reach our touristic ferry port. Afterwards, the ferry will take around 45 minutes to be at the Princes Island Istanbul tour.

Features of Princes Island:

This chain of small islands was once a place of exile for the revolutionaries, politicians, and royalty. Though the place has a dark past but then again these islands are unique in their own way. The islands are the ultimate destination when you are bored of noise, crowd, and traffic of the Istanbul. Tourists enjoy enough of the peace and quiet at the Island that they feel like being shocked on their return to the city when the horns of the cars are still the way they left behind that early morning. Let us have a look at some of the features of the Princes Island Istanbul tour:

  • The best feature of the Princes Island Istanbul tour is the sound of silence. All kinds of motor vehicles are banned in the island. It makes the place to be quiet and peaceful in every possible manner. All that you will hear will be the sounds of bicycles bells and horse hoofs. 
  • We will enjoy walking around the narrow streets of the Princes Island Istanbul tour. These streets have been flanked by pine forests or wooden cottages of the Victorian era.
  • We will entertain our appetite with the lunch in the boat while enjoying the beauty of island at its best. A buffet will be offered so that you may have the taste of several dishes at one time.

Buyukada Island:

From a tourist point of view, visiting the Buyukada Island is a must. We will take you to this island and you will see the island welcoming us warmly with its enjoyable atmosphere, large bazaar square, and famous fish restaurants. It is the largest island of Istanbul. Let us see what things are to be done while on a visit to this island:

  • You may take a big or a small tour in a horse drove carriage. Tickets can be bought from the clock tower. These rides are the best when it is about exploring the island. 
  • You can also rent a bicycle for the purpose of taking a tour around the island. You can easily access the bicycle rental shops that are located on the side streets.
  • The island will mesmerize you with its exquisite wooden Victorian houses and leafy lanes on the foot. You are on the right track as long as you see the phaetons racing by.
  • Also, the roadsides will offer the beauty of nature to you with thousands of species of flowers and shrubs.
  • Either on your own foot or hiring a donkey to offer you leg work, you can enjoy climbing up the steep cobblestone path to see more landmarks.
  • You will explore private beaches on our day trip to princess island
  • Several cafes and restaurants are there to serve you with your favorite drink or ice-cream. You will have to pay for it on your own as these are not included in the Princes Island Istanbul tour. 

Renting out bicycles or donkeys will facilitate you to explore the beauty of the island closely. Shop around the shops, look around the villas and trust us, nothing will let you down in any manner.   

Make full use of the tour before hopping back into the ferry to journey back to the hustle and bustle of the Istanbul city. We will end up our tour at 17:00 p.m. We will take you back to your hotel just the way we got to the Princes Island Istanbul tour.

When a person is visiting Turkey, then making one day visit to the Princes Island Istanbul tour is a must in every manner. This visit will make you forget that you are living in a technologically driven busy day to day life. 

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