Sapanca Tour From Istanbul

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Sapanca Lake is known to be one of the weekend gateways near the busy city of Istanbul. Escape the hustle and bustle of the Istanbul city for Sapanca tour to the Sapanca Lake. Visit the Darica Zoo and see a variety of animals there. Afterwards, we will drive to the Masukiye village followed by climbing the half of the heights of Kartepe Mountain. In case we will be left with some more time, we will stop at Viaport shopping centre for almost an hour. You can buy anything that you want before heading back to the Istanbul.


  • Admire the beauty and fresh waters of the Sapanca Lake followed by a visit to the Darica zoo. It is the biggest zoo in Istanbul and hence we have kept it as a part of the Sapanca tour.
  • You can enjoy walk around the Sapanca Lake
  • Drive up to the Masukiye village and enjoy lunch here to entice your taste buds with local cuisine. You will fail to find yourself to get away with the picturesque village of in every manner.
  • Enjoy hiking by climbing up the half of the heights of the Kartepe mountain is one of the main attractions of this Sapanca tour
  • Last but not the least, during Sapanca tour, and provided if there is time left, one hour stay will be there at Viaport outlet shopping centre. You can buy whatever you feel like buying.

What to expect?

Our representative will warmly greet you at 09:00 a.m. to pick you up for the day long adventurous journey to the Sapanca Lake.  He will be with you throughout your tours in Istanbul in order to ensure that you do not miss even a single landmark.

Sapanca Lake

Sapanca Tour enables the people to enjoy a full day scenic tour to the landscape that is picturesque. The lake is located between the Adapazarai Meadow and Gulf of Izmit. It is an area that is surrounded by mountains. It is acvery much popular day as well as a weekend retreat of the busy city dwellers. It offers quiet and peace in the natural beauty settings. It is a freshwater lake in Turkey. This water is used for industrial as well as domestic needs. You can enjoy the Pedal boating here but you will have to pay for it as it is not included in the tour. You are free to enjoy a walk along the lakeside and pedaling water cycle in the fresh and clear waters of the lake.

Darica Zoo:

Zoos in Istanbul are attractive for the tourists looking forward to enjoying our Istanbul tours. Darica Zoo is the biggest zoo in Istanbul. You will be mesmerized to see almost 200 different species of animals along with thousands of plants. You will not have to pay for the ticket individually as this ticket will be included in the tour package by us. One is not allowed to bring along one’s pets by the law of the zoo. You will enjoy seeing mammals, reptiles and 19 different types of fishes. The list does not end here and you will come across 135 different types of birds in the zoo. You will be able to see a variety of animals, plants, fishes and birds under the same roof.

Masukiye Village:

Our next stop in Istanbul tours towards Sapanca Lake will be the village of Masukiye and we will allow you to entertain your taste buds with local cuisine. This lunch will be included in the package and hence once again you will not have to pay separately for the lunch. You will be happy to find all the organic stuff lunch here.  You will be in a position to enjoy having lunch under the waterfalls.

Kartepe Mountain:

Visiting Kartepe Mountain is another landmark during the Sapanca tour. It allows the tourists to enjoy climbing it but to half way only. You can rent out ATV safari to enjoy the real adventure. You will have to pay for it yourself. It is situated to the east of Kocaeli gulf. You can enjoy a lot by a walking tour in the mountain. If you are an adventure lover, then no doubt climbing the mountain will facilitate you in satisfying your climbing instinct in every manner. With the lake view and the ski resort, Kartepe is not a missable spot during the Sapanca tour. You will have enough free time up there to rent out the cable car (you will have to pay for it as it is not included in our package) and enjoy the beautiful landscape and snow at their best.    

Viaport outlet shopping centre:

After the daylong adventurous activities of Sapanca tour, if we will be left with the time then we will be staying at the Viaport outlet shopping centre. Our stay will be for an hour. It is suggested that everyone can roam about and buy whatever you feel like. This part of the Istanbul tours will help the shopping lovers to do what they always love to do. But then again this stop depends on the fact if we have time left for this activity or not. In case we are not left with any time to stop and stay, then this part will be missed as we have to ensure we close the day in a timely manner. It is due to this fact that it is one of those Istanbul tours that are considered top-selling tours. The day closes at 21:00 p.m. and takes you back to your hotel in Istanbul.     

Sapanca tour as the name suggests is the tour to this astoundingly beautiful lake. But, in fact, it is one of those Istanbul tours that allow the tourists to enjoy seeing more than one landmark in one tour package. This Sapanca Tour enables people to come cross the natural beauty of the lake, diversity of animals, plants, fishes and birds in the biggest zoo of Istanbul, enjoy mountain climbing and lake view and much ore. Look for the turkey packages and see which one you want. Explore our other Istanbul tours

Note: we stopped visiting darica zoo due to high cost and kartepe mountain on winter only from january to march.

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