Troy Tour from Istanbul

Troy tour from Istanbul promises an immersive journey to the legendary city of Troy, a confluence of history and mythology. The tour includes visits to iconic landmarks like the Trojan Horse, the ancient city walls, and the Houses of Troy I, alongside viewing active archaeological excavations. Experience the significance of the Sacrificial Altars, The Bouleuterium (Senate Building), and The Odeon (Concert Hall). The tour reaches its zenith as we explore the layers of civilization from Troy I to Troy IX, embodying over 3000 years of human history.

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    Troy Tour from Istanbul

    Embark on a captivating journey from Istanbul to the legendary city of Troy, where history and myth intertwine. Visit iconic landmarks including the Trojan Horse, ancient city walls, and the Houses of Troy I, and witness ongoing excavations. Explore significant structures such as the Sacrificial Altars, The Bouleuterium (Senate Building), and The Odeon (Concert Hall). Our Troy tour culminates in a comprehensive exploration of the various cities from Troy I to Troy IX, encapsulating over 3000 years of human history.


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    A Magnificent Day Tour to Troy from Istanbul

    Discover the mysteries of antiquity and experience a thrilling journey through time as we invite you to join us on our exclusive Troy tour from Istanbul. Our meticulously designed day tour brings you face to face with the fascinating legacy of one of the world’s most significant archaeological sites: Troy.

    Setting off from the bustling metropolis of Istanbul, our journey commences early in the morning at 6 am. We provide a convenient pick-up service from your Istanbul city centre hotel, ensuring a seamless and stress-free start to your adventure.

    The journey to Troy is worth every mile. Nestled in Turkey’s historic northwest, Troy is approximately 364 km from Istanbul. This translates to about a five-hour drive filled with picturesque views of the beautiful Turkish landscape. While it may sound like a long trip, the journey provides a rare chance to see a different side of Turkey, making the journey an integral part of this enriching experience.

    Upon arrival in Troy, you’ll be immediately swept up in the ancient world’s dramatic stories and the palpable history that seems to echo from every stone. Our professional English-speaking guide, well-versed in the history and significance of Troy, will be your navigator through this ancient city’s heart.

    In the course of our exploration, we’ll encounter the legendary Trojan Horse, an icon of the legendary war and an impressive sight to behold. Here, you can imagine the clever Greeks concealing themselves within the horse, a decisive ploy that led to Troy’s downfall.

    Our tour doesn’t stop there. We’ll stand before the Sacrificial Altars, where many an ancient prayer was uttered and offerings made. The formidable 3700-year-old city walls are also on our itinerary. These towering defenses offer a vivid image of how the Trojans protected their city from invaders.

    Stepping further back in time, we will explore the Houses of Troy I, dating back to 3000 B.C. – 2500 B.C. Each layer of this magnificent city tells its own tale, encapsulating various eras of human civilization.

    We’ll also make our way to The Bouleuterium, the ancient Senate Building, where political decisions of great import were once made. Next, we’ll encounter The Odeon, an ancient concert hall, still echoing with the music and performances of a time long past.

    An extraordinary feature of our Troy tour is the chance to witness current excavations in progress. These ongoing archaeological projects offer a thrilling glimpse into the methods and processes used in unearthing new sections of this sprawling city, helping to rewrite its rich history.

    Our expedition through Troy’s timeline ends with a comprehensive exploration of the remains of the various cities from Troy I through to Troy IX. These layers of civilization encapsulate over 3000 years of human history, each contributing its own unique narrative to the broader tale of Troy.

    Finally, at around 10:30 pm, we’ll start our journey back to Istanbul, reflecting on the incredible sights, stories, and experiences of the day.

    Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply a curious traveler, our day tour from Istanbul to Troy promises a captivating and insightful experience. This is not just a visit to an ancient city; it’s a journey into the heart of civilization itself. So, come along, step back in time and walk in the footsteps of the legendary figures who once called Troy home.

    History of Troy

    The history of Troy, the fabled city of antiquity, echoes through millennia, captivating the hearts and minds of those who hear its tales. Now, this legendary city can be part of your own narrative when you join us for our Troy tour from Istanbul.

    Located in present-day Turkey, the ancient city of Troy’s ruins offer a compelling glimpse into the past. The city’s significance is so profound that it has shaped our culture and literature, becoming synonymous with epic tales, heroism, and the intricate intertwining of myth and history.

    Our Troy tour from Istanbul is your passport to this historical and cultural treasure. The journey starts in Istanbul, a city that blends modernity with historical depth, providing a unique contrast that sets the tone for our exploration of Troy.

    Historically, Troy has been inhabited since the Early Bronze Age, around 3000 B.C., with the earliest known settlement being Troy I. As we delve into the past during our tour, you’ll experience firsthand the tales of the city that flourished and fell, was destroyed, and rebuilt, time and time again. The city went through nine main phases of settlement, labeled Troy I to Troy IX, each reflecting a unique era with its distinct culture and architecture.

    The fame of Troy reached its zenith in the late Bronze Age, around 1250 B.C., which is believed to be the period of the legendary Trojan War – the conflict immortalized in Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad. As our expert guide paints a vivid picture of the ten-year-long siege, the cunning Greek ploy involving a wooden horse, and the heroic figures like Hector and Achilles, you’ll feel as though you’re walking through the pages of history.

    Fast forward to 1870, when an ambitious German archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, took it upon himself to unearth the ancient city. Fueled by his deep belief in Homer’s epics’ historicity, Schliemann’s excavation work indeed uncovered the ancient city’s ruins, proving that Troy was not just a figment of poetic imagination but a tangible testament to a bygone era.

    During the Troy tour from Istanbul, you’ll get the unique opportunity to tread the same paths, explore the iconic Trojan Horse, gaze upon the mighty city walls, and see the various remnants that have survived from Troy I to Troy IX. Our knowledgeable guide will help to bring these ruins to life, filling your mind with images of what was once a bustling, vibrant city.

    Journeying from the heart of Istanbul to the storied ruins of Troy, you’ll not only traverse the geographical distance but will also embark on a journey through time. From the tales of valiant warriors and cunning gods to the groundbreaking archaeological digs that continue to reveal Troy’s secrets, your visit to this legendary city is bound to be an unforgettable adventure.

    Why Choosing Troy Tour?

    Visiting Troy allows you to step into the pages of history, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of tales and tangible remains of a time long past. It’s a city where the line between myth and history blurs, creating an enchanting blend of heroic legends, archaeological wonders, and cultural depth. Whether you’re an enthusiast of history, archaeology, or literature, Troy offers a unique and captivating journey.

    Troy is not just about the past; it’s also about understanding our present. As the cradle of European civilization, it provides a deep historical context that continues to influence our contemporary world. Visiting the ancient city offers a better understanding of our shared human heritage, shedding light on the achievements, struggles, and resilience of our ancestors.

    Choosing to explore Troy with our company ensures an enriching and seamless experience. We are dedicated to providing an authentic and insightful journey, filled with unforgettable moments. Our professionally curated Troy tour from Istanbul has been meticulously designed, keeping your interests and comfort in mind.

    Our tour guides are not only well-versed in the history and archaeology of Troy but are also excellent storytellers. They will make the past come alive, transporting you back in time with vivid descriptions and fascinating insights. From the legendary Trojan Horse to the ancient city walls and ongoing excavations, you will feel part of the story, rather than a mere observer.

    We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Starting from your pick-up from Istanbul city centre hotels at 6 am to your return at 10:30 pm, we ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience. We respect your time and organize the tour to maximize the exploration while ensuring you have enough time to absorb and appreciate each site.

    Moreover, we believe in responsible tourism. As we help you explore Troy, we are also committed to preserving this precious heritage for future generations. We aim to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding our shared history and promote practices that respect and protect the archaeological sites we visit.

    By choosing our company for your Troy tour from Istanbul, you’re not only investing in a memorable journey but also supporting our mission to preserve and share the world’s cultural and historical treasures. We invite you to join us in this mission and embark on an unforgettable adventure to the legendary city of Troy.

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