Yalova Tour from Istanbul

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Yalova – The Tour of History

When we say that Istanbul is a place rich in history, there is rarely any place we mean more than Yalova. Right from prehistoric times on till the modern era, Yalova has seen everything there is to be seen and more. That is exactly what our Yalova Termal tour focuses on. With a full coverage of the Yalova area along with a visit to the hot springs and a waterfall visit, we guarantee that the Yalova tour from Istanbul will be one of the most memorable things in your life.


  • A visit to the Yalova Termal Hot Springs to rejuvenate your senses
  • Tour of the beautiful cascading Yalova waterfalls
  • Visit to the Viaport Marina shopping centre on the return trip back to Istanbul
  • A big spread of a scrumptious lunch

What to Expect?

Turkey is truly a magical place. The harmony of all its people living together along with the scenic beauty and the rich heritage ensures that it is unparalleled as a tourist destination. Of course, the people there present the perfect example of how hospitality should be handled. All this is incorporated into our Yalova Termal Tour. Yalova is a place that had human presence since the ancient times. In fact, famous ancient people like the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Akaturk had a mansion there called the Yalova Akaturk Mansion. Of course, the place has seen a lot of history pass through its veins in the form of people from Persians, Byzantines, Greeks and of course Turks coming its way. It has participated in more than its share of wars and survived. It was so calming and beautiful that Mustafa Kemal Akaturk even went on to proclaim “Yalova is my city”. Our Yalova Termal Tour is intended to bring out this beauty and charm of a place that still retains the presence of a bygone era.

  • Yalova Termal Hot Springs

This is the first stop on our Yalova tour from Istanbul. The Termal district of the Yalova province has a really interesting meaning behind its name. In fact, the host springs in the area is so famous that the whole area was named after them, since Termal literally means ‘warm’ in Greek. Located about 12 km away from Yalova, the hot springs are located in a special complex which has a lot of historical value attached with it as well. However, don’t keep that from relaxing your way into the waters of the hot spring imbued with lots of natural minerals and salts. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to come away feeling years younger than ever before. After all, it is not the star attraction of our Yalova Termal Tour for nothing.

  • Yalova Waterfalls

The beauty of nature is seldom as well captured in any other natural formation as the waterfall. That is why the Yalova waterfalls are a part of the Yalova Termal Tour. To see the majestic river cascade over great depths and falling in front you is a beautiful sight. The proximity to the Sea of Marmar is just as captivating. When you thing about the scores of people who must have seen the same scene as you, it is an enthralling experience. Especially since the whole area was home to men long before the concept of civilization came into existence. While you are at the waterfall, you can even try out some of the local delicacies that are sold at the site. Of course, you should keep enough space for the delicious lunch that will be served as part of the Yalova Termal Tour, but authentic Turkish food cooked by the people right at a tourist place is another matter altogether.

  • The Lunch

Our Yalova Termal Tour lunch is a big spread that is provided to you catering to your needs while keeping the variety of spread in mind. After all, you are in Turkey, and a good spread of lunch is an essential part of maintaining a good image of hospitability. In case you would like to try something a little closer to your home food, we have a separate menu for your taste as well.

  • Viaport Marina Shopping Centre

Looking at the rich cultural heritage Istanbul possesses, it is often forgotten that it is also one of the most developed cities in the world. Our stop at the Viaport marina Centre as a part of the Yalova Termal Tour is intended to remind our visitors that aspect. Besides, how better to end a perfect day than to go on a shopping spree? It covers everything that you would need, and thus, was included as a part of our Yalova tour from Istanbul. From perfumes and handbags to souvenir shops for you to take presents back home, to even jewelery and fast food joints, the Viaport Marina Shopping Centre is a cutting edge shopping centre right in the middle of Istanbul.

The perfect day ends with a ride back to your hotel at 2000 hours. That concludes your Yalova tour from Istanbul. Our tours are created with the best value for money and the intention to provide nothing short of the complete tour of Istanbul.

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