Hidirnebi & Cal Cave Tour

Embark on our Hıdırnebi tour and discover Trabzon’s most stunning attractions including Hıdırnebi Yaylası, Çal Mağarası, Sera Gölü, and Akçaabat Sahil. Our knowledgeable guides and comfortable transportation ensure an immersive journey through nature’s grandeur and historical narratives, all providing excellent value and unforgettable memories.

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    Hidirnebi & Cal Cave Tour

    Hıdırnebi tour offers a captivating exploration of Trabzon’s natural beauty and history, encompassing Hıdırnebi and the magnificent Çal Cave. We provide a comfortable and enriching journey, promising lasting memories and exceptional value.


    Group Tour

    Adult/Child – 24.99 USD (Lunch is not Included)

    Private Van

    139.99 USD – (Van 1-7 persons)

    199.99 USD – (Sprinter 1-15 persons)

    Diesel and Hotel Transportation Included

    Hıdırnebi Tour: Immerse in Nature’s Wonderland with our Daily Excursions

    Embark on a breathtaking journey with our Hıdırnebi tour, a captivating experience that unfolds the mesmerizing beauty of Hıdırnebi’s stunning attractions from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

    The adventure begins at Hıdırnebi Yaylası, a spectacular highland plateau nestled amidst Hıdırnebi’s verdant hills. With panoramic views of the lush landscape interspersed with traditional houses, it offers an idyllic haven for nature enthusiasts, especially during the summer when the terrain bursts into a riot of vibrant flora.

    Our Hıdırnebi tour continues to Çal Mağarası, a fascinating cave complex known for its intricate rock formations. The cave’s stunning stalagmites, stalactites, and unique geological structures make for an exciting exploration.

    The next stop is Sera Gölü, a serene man-made lake nestled amidst lush greenery. The lake is a haven for relaxation and tranquility, providing a respite amidst your journey.

    Finally, the tour culminates at Akçaabat Sahil, a beautiful coastline offering panoramic views of the Black Sea. Here you can walk along the beach, take in the fresh sea breeze, and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you.

    Our Hıdırnebi tour promises an unforgettable adventure, letting you explore the region’s natural and cultural treasures in an engaging and comfortable setting. Experience the wonders of Hıdırnebi and make lasting memories with us on this spectacular journey.

    History of Hidernebi and Cal Cave


    Hıdırnebi is one of the prominent highlands in the Trabzon region of Turkey. The name ‘Hıdırnebi’ is derived from two words: ‘Hıdır,’ a name often used for saints in Turkish culture, and ‘nebi’ which means prophet. The area has been named this way to honor the spiritual significance it holds in local beliefs.

    Historically, highlands like Hıdırnebi served as summer residences for locals who would migrate seasonally from the warmer lowlands to enjoy the cool climate and lush pastures of the highlands for their livestock. Over time, Hıdırnebi has developed into a popular tourist destination thanks to its picturesque landscapes, fresh air, and tranquil ambiance. It offers an escape from the bustle of city life and an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature.

    Çal Cave (Çal Mağarası):

    Çal Cave, located in the Düzköy district of Trabzon, is one of the longest caves in the world and the second longest in Turkey. The cave is estimated to be millions of years old and has a total length of about 17 kilometers, although only a portion of this is open for visitors due to safety reasons.

    The cave is home to a wide range of geological formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and flowstones. These formations were created over millennia through the process of water depositing minerals as it seeped through the ground and into the cave.

    Archaeological studies in and around Çal Cave have revealed traces of human activity dating back to the Paleolithic era, indicating that the cave has been known and utilized by humans for thousands of years. Today, the cave is a significant attraction for geologists, explorers, and tourists alike, who are drawn to its natural beauty and historical significance.

    Why Hidernebi and Cal Cave Tour?

    Choosing our Hıdırnebi and Çal Cave tour is an excellent decision for several compelling reasons:

    The Attractions: Hıdırnebi and Çal Cave are some of the most unique and stunning attractions in Trabzon. Hıdırnebi offers picturesque landscapes, fresh air, and a tranquil environment. It provides a welcome retreat from bustling city life and a chance to immerse in nature. The Çal Cave, on the other hand, is a geological wonder, boasting an array of fascinating stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a remarkable testament to the powerful forces of nature that have shaped the earth over millions of years.

    The History: Both Hıdırnebi and Çal Cave have rich historical backgrounds. Their stories add depth to their natural beauty, turning a simple visit into a journey through time. Our guides will make sure to share these fascinating historical narratives during your visit.

    The Experience: With us, you’re not just visiting these sites; you’re experiencing them. We strive to make our tours engaging and memorable by providing knowledgeable guides, comfortable transport, and excellent customer service.

    Value for Money: Our tours are competitively priced and offer outstanding value for money. We cover all major attractions in the area, with the cost of transportation, guide service, and entrance fees included in the price.

    Choosing to experience Hıdırnebi and Çal Cave with our company is not just about seeing the sights. It’s about experiencing the spirit of these remarkable places and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

    Our Hıdırnebi and Çal Cave tour offers an immersive journey through Trabzon’s breathtaking landscapes and geological wonders. Providing rich historical narratives, comfortable transportation, and excellent value, we ensure a memorable experience. Choosing us isn’t just about sightseeing, it’s about creating lasting memories in these remarkable places.

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