Top Places to Visit in Istanbul

Top Places to Visit in Istanbul

Top Places to Visit in Istanbul

Nature has been very kind to the whole Turkey and especially Istanbul when distributing the places of tourist attraction. This is not merely due to the beneficence of the Mother Nature but the Rulers of a number of Dynasties have done efforts to make some of the best monuments in this city which stand even today speaking of the grace of their splendid rules. Istanbul has never let down its reputation of an ultimate tourist duration. It is the place where the East blends with the west and the European and Asian cultures merge to create an amazing hybrid of the cultures, societies and architecture. To visit the whole city, would take months but there are some places which you must see even if you are on a business tour to the splendid city of Istanbul. We have gathered some information on five of the top tourist places in Istanbul.

Though visiting only these five destinations is not simultaneous to visiting the whole Istanbul but if you have the time and resources only enough to visit five places, you should select these

Prince Islands

Known also as the Princes’ Islands or the Red Islands, these islands are basically and archipelago situated off the coast of Istanbul. Officially they have the name Adalar (Islands). During the times of the Byzantine and Ottoman Monarchies in the country, the disobeying and rebellious princes were exiled to these Islands. During the 1453 fall of Constantinople, these Islands were captured by Ottomans and during the late 19th century, they became popular resort for the wealthy people of the Europe. Now they are a common tourist resort showcasing the historic and post-Victorian architecture.

Geographically, the Princes Islands consist of 9 Islands. The four bigger ones namely Büyükada (“Big Island”) having an area of 46 km2, Heybeliada (“Saddlebag Island”) spanning over some 2.4 km2, Burgazada (“Fortress Island”) 1.5 km2 in area and Kınalıada (“Henna Island”) with an area of 1.3 km2. The five smaller ones are Sedef Adası (“Mother-of-Pearl Island”) Yassıada (“Flat Island”) Sivriada (“Sharp Island”) Kaşık Adası and Tavşan Adası (“Rabbit Island”)

Masukiye and Sapanca Lake

Don’t like the hustle bustle of the city? That’s not a problem. Just escape the over-crowded picnic places and historical monuments of the city and go to the village of the Masukiye and Sapanca Lake. The tour would just take you 10 hours from Istanbul city. Have the lunch alongside the Sapanca Lake and then continue to the village of Masukiye. This is a typical Mountain Village in the alps of Kartepe. Just stop there and admire the beauty of nature.

You might be wondering what you can do at such a place. Well, here’s a list of what you can do there

  • Witness the heavenly beauty of Sapanca lake between Adapazari Meadow and Izmit Bay
  • Drive you way up to the Kartepe Mount, one of the highest mounts in the area. It is a calm picnic spot in the summers and a lively ski resort in the winters
  • Enjoy the canopies of trees found frequently besides the Waterfalls
  • Have a look at the village lifestyle and culture of the area
  • Be near to nature in a calm environment (meditation can be an option)
  1. Old City of Istanbul

Istanbul has always been the dream destination of classicists and for the tourists who pursue the exotic. As long as a century ago, this place was the furthest point of Asia (At least the Eastern Asia) a sensible European Traveler could think going to. It was that time when the average Christians got to know this part of the Muslim world, calm, quiet and civilized.

Currently, the Old Istanbul city which is now a separate administrative district, hosts some 20 million tourists annually. You can find tourists from all over the world in the narrow streets, the sea passages, in trams, ferries, yellow cabs and everywhere else.

The greatest charm of this district is the combination of glass and steel high rises with the ancient marble and brick constructions. Here you can see into the lifestyles of both the commoners and nobles of the old turkey preserved in their houses and city centers. One of the most important places to visit here are the old museums boasting some of the world’s greatest collections of artefacts.

Bosphorus Waterway Istanbul

The Bosphorus also written and pronounced as Bosporus is a natural strait, famous as an internationally significant waterway located in the Northwestern area of Turkey. It is the very place which is the intercontinental boundary between Europe and Asia and is the waterbody separating the Asian Turkey from the European one. It is the world’s narrowest strait to be used for international navigation. It connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea.

Most of the shores of the strait are heavily populated inhabited by some of the 17 million of Turks. It is the jurisdiction of Metropolitan area of Istanbul. The strait can be crossed via a ferry or ship or via one of the three suspension bridges spanning more than one and a half kilometers over the open sea. Submarine railway tunnel is also there to provide rapid transit.

Among all these ways, the best one is to cruise on the calm waters in a cruise ship. You can get anything from a seat on a ship to a suite or even a full cruiser or sea-liner depending on how much you are willing to spend on it. This cruising on the border of Asia and Europe will be the best of your entire lifetime. The area has some of the world’s most elegant seafront houses and hotels which are available for rent and face the calm waters of the strait. At the night, the scenery is beyond words. The stars reflect in the clear sea water and the city lights mingle with the moonlight to form a captivating view. When you go to visit the Bosphorus must go to the European part of Turkey to see how much it is affected by the Asian culture.

Bottom Line

It is not impossible but is definitely very difficult to visit these places on your own. There are problems like arranging transportation, accommodation and food. If you want to enjoy these and other places of Istanbul, it is highly recommended to consult an outbound tourist company.

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